Important things you should know about the 2022 World Cup


A dream that began with great Arab aspirations, when Qatar decided to compete with the United States, Australia, South Korea and Japan for the honor of hosting the world's largest event, the 2022 World Cup.


The dream became a reality, and the biggest event in the history of football took place on Arab lands. In 2010, Qatar won the honor of organizing the 2022 World Cup, and since that date, work began to turn this dream into a tangible reality. Building and construction operations began, and everyone mobilized to make this event immortal and historical.

Things you should know about the 2022 World Cup


In the following report, we show you the most important information that you should know about the 2022 World Cup.

How did Qatar win hosting the World Cup?


Qatar ran to host the 2022 World Cup in strong competition with America, Australia, South Korea and Japan.


And the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), in December 2010 12 years ago, voted in favor of Qatar, which got 14 votes to only 8 in favor of the United States, and at the same time Russia was granted the right to host the 2018 tournament.


The Qatari file included many financially costly matters, foremost of which was the pledge to adapt the stadiums and hold the tournament in a wonderful atmosphere.


The total cost of the 2022 Qatar World Cup will be approximately $220 billion, the highest cost in the history of the World Cup.

Teams participating in the 2022 World Cup


The number of teams participating in the 2022 World Cup is 32 teams from all over the globe, and it is the last version of the World Cup that will be held with this number. Starting from 2026, 48 teams will participate in the competition.


Europe has the lion's share of the World Cup teams; As 13 teams participate, while Africa gets 5 seats, and 4 or 5 teams from South America participate.


The teams of the continent of Asia participating in the World Cup are as many as Latin America, where 4 or 5 teams participate, and 3 or 4 teams from North America advance, while Oceania gets half a seat determined by the annex.


In addition, the host team will participate in the edition without going through qualifiers, which is what happened with Qatar, the host of the 2022 World Cup.


The participating teams are: Qatar - Brazil - Argentina - Ecuador - Uruguay - Canada - Costa Rica - Mexico - America.


And Cameroon - Ghana - Morocco - Senegal - Tunisia - Australia - Iran - Japan - Saudi Arabia - South Korea.


Belgium - Croatia - Denmark - England - France - Germany - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Serbia - Spain - Switzerland - Wales.

The most prominent players in the 2022 World Cup


A number of big stars are present in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which makes the tournament more exciting and enjoyable.


On top of the stars present are the duo Lionel Messi, the star of the Argentine national team, and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese striker, as well as the French duo Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappe.


The World Cup also includes Harry Kane, captain of England, Kevin De Bruyne, star of Belgium, Virgil van Diem, defender of the Netherlands national team, Senegalese Sadio Mane and Poland's Robert Lewandowski.

How to book tickets for the Qatar World Cup 2022


To get a ticket for one of the Qatar World Cup 2022 matches, please go to, and there you will find everything related to your dream trip (match tickets, accommodation, Haya card).


Enter (tickets), and here you will go to the FIFA website, the official authority authorized to sell tickets, create an account on the site in order to become a member of the FIFA club, then enter “FIFATICKTS”, then you will have to select Whether you are residing in or outside the State of Qatar.

2022 World Cup stadiums


The Qatar World Cup 2022 will be held on 8 of the best stadiums in the world


Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium: The capacity is 40,000 seats. Located in one of the most traditional cities in Qatar, it will be home to Al Rayyan Sports Club, which has a wide fan base.


Khalifa International Stadium: The capacity is 40,000 seats. He is dear to the hearts of the people of Qatar for having drawn the history of football in the country. Built in 1976 and renovated to host the 2022 World Cup.


Lusail Stadium: Qatar 2022 final stadium. The capacity is 80,000 seats. It is located in the center of modern Lusail City.


Stadium 974: capacity 40 thousand seats. Made up of sea freight containers and fully demountable steel beams, it symbolizes Doha's maritime history and is in harmony with the port that is located in its vicinity.


Al Thumama Stadium: The capacity is 40,000 seats. Its design is inspired by the gahfiya, which is the hat worn by men in the Arab world.


Al Janoub Stadium: The capacity is 40,000 seats. It is located in the southern city of Al-Wakra, and it is one of the oldest inhabited Qatari cities.


Education City Stadium: The capacity is 40,000 seats. Surrounded by a number of Qatar's leading universities, it will host matches up to the quarter-finals.


Al Bayt Stadium: The stadium for the opening match. The capacity is 60 thousand seats. Its design is inspired by the traditional peyote.

The most prominent players absent from the Qatar World Cup 2022


The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is witnessing the absence of a number of veteran stars in the world of football, due to the ineligibility of their country's teams to participate in this global forum.


At the head of these players is Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool and the Egyptian national team, as well as the Norwegian Haaland, the star of Manchester City, and the Algerian Riyad Mahrez, the Manchester City player.


A number of players are also absent due to injuries, led by Paul Pogba, Kante, the French national team, and Portugal striker Jota.

How many players will participate in the 2022 World Cup?


The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) announced that the official lists of the teams participating in the Qatar 2022 World Cup have been issued, and all the players of the 32 teams are now available, as it has been confirmed that 831 players will participate in the finals.

Bayern Munich is the club with the most players, with 17 players.

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