Why is soccer the most popular sport?

The undisputed first popular game in the world is football, and there is no dispute about it.


Football has become one of the causes of emptiness in the streets of pedestrians, as soon as the referee’s whistle blows announcing the start of the match, until you find everyone has taken their positions inside the stands or in front of the TV screens, not turning their eyes away from that green rectangle except with the final whistle, so did the matter stop you once and push you to ask The question: Why soccer in particular? What distinguishes it and makes it so popular around the world?

Reasons for the popularity of football:

Ease of practice:


The first reason for the spread achieved by football since its first appearance, is the possibility of playing it at any time and everywhere without complication, as it does not need many equipment unlike other games such as basketball, tennis or speedball, which made it the ideal game for all social classes, It is practiced in the largest clubs with the same rules and the way it is practiced in popular arenas, and it is also suitable for amateurs because of the ease of its laws and the way it is played.

Why is soccer the most popular sport?



Unlike the majority of sports, football does not depend on muscular strength. Of course, the element of physical fitness is essential for any sports practitioner, but what is meant here is that football is not violent or dependent on cohesion and scrambling, and it does not require that its players have large bodies and strong muscles. However, the element of superiority in it depends first and foremost on the skill of the player, and the extent of his ability to dribble and control the ball, and this is one of the advantages of football and one of the secrets of its pleasure, which attracts the attention of billions of followers in various continents of the world.

Realizing the mind:


The fun that football brings to its fans is not limited to what is going on inside the field only, but that the fun of football precedes and follows its matches, as football matches are run according to specific strategies and plans, as each team relies on its strengths, taking advantage of the weaknesses of its competitor, and amateurs to follow Football tournaments compete in analyzing matches, enumerate the reasons for winning and identify the mistakes that led the team to defeat, and therefore the viewer works his mind throughout the viewing period, thinks, analyzes and anticipates the actions of technical managers, and this creates a state of interaction between football scenes and match events, which is something that games lack. other sports, which makes it another reason for the distinction of football

The element of surprise:


Boredom begins to creep in when a person becomes able to anticipate the following events, and this is what can never happen with football. It is impossible and everything can happen, and the course of the match can turn around at any moment, which increases the fun of football matches and ignites the competition in its championships, so that the element of surprise is one of the elements that distinguish football, and one of the most important reasons that made its wide popularity.



Although the laws of football are fixed over the decades, the style of play has witnessed many developments and is still witnessing, and this is one of the factors that distinguish football from other sports, especially football games such as basketball and the like. It is fixed, and scoring goals is done in a single, stereotypical and repetitive manner. As for football, it is the complete opposite. The methods of playing differ from one team to another, and there is also no specific method for scoring goals, which denies football the two characteristics of stereotyping and repetition, which makes it difficult to predict the events of its matches. And it increases the enjoyment of the masses.

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Why is soccer the most popular sport?

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